Portfolios RE: Constructed

As markets change, portfolios need to change. Find out why from our experts.

Portfolios RE: Constructed Event Series

Join our experts as they share philosophies, strategies, and solutions designed to help you reconstruct portfolios to meet your client’s long-term goals. 

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Inflation is high. Here's how to keep up.

The portfolio management team has developed a proprietary model with the ability to accurately identify changes in inflation regimes has context menu.

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Benoit Gervais on Mackenzie’s Inflation-Focused Fund

Europe’s energy crisis and Mackenzie’s new Inflation-Focused Fund.


Downside mitigation with multi-asset solutions

Tuesday, February 14 at 1 p.m. ET


Limiting downside with a hedging strategy


Investor guide: Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios

Income generation, growth, and risk mitigation

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Your guide to investing in private equity

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How the illiquidity premium can enhance portfolios

Discover the advantages of the illiquidity premium, which offers the potential for higher returns by investing in private assets.


Accessing private markets

Private markets can help build modern, client portfolios 

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Build wealth with dividend paying companies

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The re-emergence of dividends

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Darren McKiernan on Performance

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Floating Rate Loans

Your questions, our answers

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What are TIPS?

Everything you need to know

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