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Expert Insights

Blue Book 2023 Mid-Year Market Outlook

Making sense in the land of confusion

At the halfway point of 2023, one thing is clear: Goldilocks is still nowhere to be seen. We still aren’t holding our breath for a return to the macro environment of the last decade.

Perspective Article

Effective asset allocation with a single, low cost solution

Prerna Chandak looks at how single ticket ETF solutions are being used for diversification and risk management.

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CERB: What your clients need to know

Jacqueline Power shares information on what your clients should know about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

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Managing risk by finding ‘easier’ areas to invest

The Mackenzie Bluewater Team outlines 4 industry characteristics that inform their investment approach.

Market Updates

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Weekly Market Snapshot: For the week ending September 22, 2023

From Justin Truong, Senior Manager, Investment Strategy.

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Monthly macro and markets update

Mackenzie economists shine a spotlight on the latest market and global economic trends.

Portfolio Construction

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The benefits of private equity replication

This paper develops and then analyzes an approach to creating liquid private equity.

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Modeling Mackenzie’s fixed income funds

Rethink how fixed income assets can be combined in a portfolio to help maximize its risk and return characteristics.

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Investing in China

Understand context to uncover opportunity in China's equity markets.

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