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NEW: Alternatives education just got more accessible

We’re on a mission to make alternatives education accessible. In our new alternatives education centre, you’ll find curated resources, easily digestible content and multimedia learning, all designed with your needs in mind.

Navigating alternatives

See how we’re helping investors and advisors understand and benefit from alternative investments.

Making alternatives accessible to all Canadians

Historically reserved for institutional and high-net-worth investors, alternatives are now considered a core portfolio holding. We believe all Canadian investors should have access to alternatives to truly achieve a properly diversified portfolio.

That's why we're on a mission to democratize alternatives by making them accessible. With a meaningful allocation, alternatives can help achieve better outcomes over the long-term.

Comprehensive Suite

Making it easy to select the right alternative

We offer one of the largest selections of alternative investment funds in the industry, which makes it easy to choose the right one. Whether investors seek capital growth, a reliable income stream, diversification or lower volatility, our solutions make it easy to choose the alternative that is right for them.

Private Markets

These funds provide access to private markets with a focus on high-quality mid-market companies and projects.

NEW: Mackenzie Northleaf Private Infrastructure Fund

With greater liquidity and lower investment minimums, the benefits of private infrastructure are finally available to more individual investors. 

NEW: Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund

Aims to deliver the strong yield, capital preservation and diversification potential of private credit within an accessible fund.

Alternative Strategies

These funds use alternative strategies such as long/short and leverage

NEW: Mackenzie Private Equity Replication Fund

Seeks to replicate the long-term return characteristics of diversified private equity allocations.

Mackenzie Alternative Enhanced Yield Fund

A highly diversified fund that invests in yield-oriented asset classes.

Mackenzie Global Macro Fund

Seeks to bring positive returns by taking long and short positions in equities, fixed income and non-traditional assets.

Mackenzie Credit Absolute Return Fund

Invests in long and short positions in corporate and goverment fixed income.

Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund

Aims to provide a positive return, regardless of market conditions or direction, by using alternative investment strategies.


Compare, contrast, build

Use Precision analytics to compare strengths of various funds and find the right one for your client.

Alternative Assets

These funds contain assets that include commodities (such as oil and gold), infrastructure (for example airports or highways), land and real estate

Mackenzie Diversified Alternatives Fund

Invests in alternative asset classes with the aim of providing income and capital appreciation, while boosting portfolio diversification.

NEW: Mackenzie Developed Markets Real Estate Index ETF

Invests in equity securities of real estate development companies and real estate investment trusts in developed markets seeking to enhance portfolio yields and reduce risk.

NEW: Mackenzie Global Infrastructure Index ETF

Invests primarily in equity securities of global infrastructure companies seeking to improve a portfolio’s longer-term returns and improve diversification.

Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF

Seeks gains by investing in a diversified portfolio of alternative asset classes, including non-traditional equity and commodities.

Alternatives Expertise

Making alternatives easy to understand

We were one of the first companies to bring liquid alternatives to Canadian investors. Our multiple teams have a broader and more diverse knowledge, with each team applying world-class expertise to building modern portfolios. We are constantly innovating to bring the best solutions for investors. This has led us to simplify alternatives and make them accessible to all client portfolios.


Portfolio Discipline

Making alternatives easy to integrate

Over the past 50 years, we have built one of Canada's largest and most diversified asset management firms, bringing expertise and investment solutions from 14 boutiques.

Offering core and niche options, we are experts at building modern, diversified portfolios. We're committed to working with advisors to help integrate alternatives into their clients' portfolios to improve their long-term outcomes.

Talk to your financial advisor to see if Mackenzie’s alternative solutions may be suitable for you

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